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About Digital Yard
Foundation Programs


Our Robotics Initiative is a foundation program combining STEM and Competition using Robots that the children design and build themselves. This program will combine the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. An Annual competition for the Digital Yard Robotics Competition will be executed. For more information on the robotics program visit: HERE

Design, build, and program robots.
Apply real-world math and science concepts.
Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills.
Compete and cooperate in alliances at tournaments.

Target Ages: Secondary School
What: Robotics Competition with mentoring from tertiary institutions engineering students
Goal: Design and build of Robot to enter Digital Yard Robotics Competition
Success Factor:Successful collaborative design and build of Robot as per competition specifications

Science Day

STEM Science Days integrate 3D Computer Aided Design and Lego Education We Do Robotics and Lego Mindstorm kits and targets primary school children to expose children to STEM concepts early in a fun and engaging way. The integration of CAD allows students to model designs virtually to test and validate the design before building the design physically.

Target Ages: Primary School
What: Science Day event with Robotics theme to engage youth early with STEM concepts
Goal: Program Launch in 2014 – 2 schools per parish
Success Factor: Successful completion of Science Days at all of the targeted schools, good feedback on survey for event engagement, excitement and learning

National Innovation Competitions

The Innovation Competitions will engage youth in various competitions to solve national challenges. These challenges target real world problems and aim to challenge children to be innovative and to see their innovations come to life in real life deployments.

Target Ages:Primary, Secondary and Tertiary School Collaborative Competitions
What:Collaborative competitions to create innovations in energy, health, infrastructure, etc. to youth in collaborative problem solving and to engage youth early with STEM concepts
Goal:Collaborate with various government, social and educational stakeholders to determine the topic and subject matter area for the first competition
Success Factor:Successful 1st competition competed, winner chosen and innovation put into an incubator for deployment